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Give your songs the edge with expert advice about practical ways to make them even more polished and professional.

Company Overview
Overdrive Band Production provide tailor-made song guidance packages guided by YOUR influences and inspirations. Can’t quite get the results you like? Their highly-experienced team will give your songs the attention they deserve and will help you get the best from them. Specialists in guitar music and are passionate about getting great results.

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Overdrive band production, provide a highly-experienced team of songwriters and arrangers, they  can advice and assist to structure your song to be as marketable as possible.

Each song will be carefully listened to and detailed suggestions made in relation to:


Products Rates

£35 for a single song.
£30 each for 2-4 songs.
£25 each for 5-10 songs.

On completion, each song will receive comprehensive feedback (via email or post) with guidance and technical advice for your musical work.

Many songs can sound even better with some important tweaks and alterations. Do you have a favourite genre or band who you love, but aren’t quite able to reproduce some of the “vibe” of? That’s why you could benefit from our production skills!

With the help of musical experts at Overdrive Band Production, you can conveniently and affordably maximise your band’s chances of being signed by labels and management. Our team of songwriters, technicians, arrangers and studio engineers can give clear and useful advice about what any guitar-based band needs to do to make their songs as attractive as possible in today’s fast-paced music industry. We have decades of musical experiences in all areas of guitar-based music and work closely with prestigious, established Rock/Metal label Holier Than Thou, the UK-based record company with a roster of international acts.

How do we work? It’s simple. Decide how many songs you’d like to submit and then email them to us at ODbandproduction@gmail.com. Each song will be given an hour of our producers’ time and detailed notes will be returned to you by email with suggestions, ideas and pointers. We might suggest alterations to the length of a song, where and how the “hook” is used, changes to the timbre of an instrument, a different drum rhythm for a section, some key backing vocals to add weight for example. Just let us know who you you’d like to sound a little more like and we can help.

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