Enamel Animal

Enamel Animal

Enamel Animal are an alternative rock band hailing from the windy shores of the River Mersey, who meld together a sound that encompasses heavy riffs, psychedelic undertones, pulsating rhythm and unique melodica. Forged in a grade-II listed building back in the summer of 2012, the band have gone through several phases and lineup changes, with founding members Phil, Ryan and Glen mainstays throughout, sharing the stage with the likes of Bad Sign, Crazy Town, FOES, Exit_International, The Hyena Kill and Rival Bones in the process.

Their self-released debut album, ‘Unfaith’, was released in February 2017, to critical acclaim in underground rock/metal circles, leading them to their recent signing with Holier Than Thou Records. The band remain close to their roots, and continue to hone their art by the riverbank in the city they love, drinking tea and whiling away the hours until the end of the world. Genres alternative rock, alternative metal, stoner, psychedelic, grunge.


‘Reviler, Single Release 28/07/17

Enamel Animal Reviler single release artwork Holier Than Thou Records

‘Damocles’ Single Release 12/06/17

Grunge Rock Metal UK bandEnamel Animal Damocles single release coverart Holier Than Thou Records

Another thrust of new singles provides plenty to contemplate and a few to particularly pay attention to.

With their striking and increasingly impressing debut album still a fresh breath in ears and dirtily fuzzy invention a handful of months since its release, British alternative rockers ENAMEL ANIMAL have just uncaged their new single DAMOCLES. Their first track since linking up with Holier Than Thou Records, the song has all the snarling attributes which marked out their self-released first full-length, Unfaith, as an easy to devour and recommend encounter but equally seems to have a new energy come intensity which is seriously appetising.

Damocles finds the perfect balance between sonic predation and evocative melody, raw aggression and seductive harmony. Simply put, the track an eventful mix of the traits found in the likes of Soundgarden, Mastodon, and Foo Fighters entangled in a proposition distinctly Enamel Animal. Its gentle melodic start is a deceit for the ferocity to follow, that tempest in turn a hideaway for the warm hues which fuel an infectious temptation. All aspects collude and unite as the track hustles and roars across the senses, grooves wrapping around ears as vocals coax and bully, often simultaneously just as the sounds clasping them. Damocles is another marker of one truly exciting prospect and adventure within the UK rock scene.
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