New single release from NG26 is free to download for a limited time.

Two sets of brothers from Nottingham formed NG26 in 2009
Since their inception the Midlands based NG26 have worked tirelessly in establishing themselves as genuine contenders at the forefront of the newly resurgent UK Rock scene. The 4–piece band (formed by two sets of brothers) have spent the last few years relentlessly touring the width and breadth of the country, racking up some serious miles. And also receiving massive television exposure with 3 videos played back to back over the last 9 months on Kerrang TV.

NG26 Holier Than Thou Records

What the media are saying about NG26…………..

Metal band NG26 are signed to Holier Than Thou

Melodically furious fusion of massive metal riff’s and catchy as hell vocal’s that is all held together beautifully by a tight as a vice groove driven rhythm section that make all the plaudits this band have received for their live show all the more justified. Powerplay Magazine

superb musicianship and a real English vibe to create a masterclass in modern guitar rock. Everything works to it’s maximum – great vocals, superb drumming, classy guitar skills and beastly bass work and the production values are to die for! TheRocks

Massive riffs, huge sounding drums, intricate and impressive guitar work and some great vocals make for an album that is packed to the rafters with tunes Outstanding! 9/10

….imagine if a war-zone had rhythm like one of those musical theatre productions set in some banana republic, where the actors all dance around, choreographed to the sounof gunfire – while carrying AK-47s…. Metal Mouth.

“Heavy and melodic” Johnny Doom Kerrang!

NG26 specialise in full-throttle in your face alternative rock….The Midlands based noise-merchants have taken a leaf directly from the book of rock as written by such luminaries as Creed, Alter Bridge and Shinedown, managing to weld some awesomely memorable chorus’s with very powerful and melodic verses

Out on radio promotion now Anyone’s Guess (RedDragon Records) New single “Apathy” Taken from their EP “March In The Dark”

Anyones Guess Red Dragon Records a Holier Than Thou Records Promotions

Anyone’s Guess (Central Florida) is fronted by the  beautiful Sanja Jovanovic. The bands main  influences  are Alanis Morissette, 30 Seconds to Mars, Tool, Staind, Sick Puppies and Foo Fighters,  “Anyone’s Guess has been able to release “compelling music with an insistent quality”- In their short time together, the band has self-released an EP ‘ Cost of Silence’ and a full-length, double-disc, album ‘Point: Counterpoint,’ both of which have been enthusiastically received by various internet, college and local radio stations alike. Their previous  single “I Call You” received internet and college radio play in the US and abroad and its acoustic counterpart, ‘Leavin’ has been licensed to Synchup for TV placement. Through hard work and a dynamic show schedule, they have established themselves as one of the better-known bands in Central Florida and have opened up for nationally touring bands like Pandemic and 12 Stones.
“Raw, emotional rock. That’s what I thought when I first heard Anyone’s Guess. ‘I Call You’ was the first track from the band that I played on my show, and it was an immediate favorite with my listeners… and me! The amazing combination of melodic guitar and smooth vocals that leads in to solid beats and amazing harmonies that never fails to grab me.” – The Bugcast.

Shoot The Wendy Bird new single release “Movers and Shakers”

Shoot The Wendy Bird Holier Than Thou Records

Shoot The Wendy Bird are an Anglo/American indie rock duo formed in December 2013. They are vocalist Dolll and guitarist/producer Barry Snaith (aka The Inconsistent Jukebox), with a few guests along the way. Both prolific songwriters.
Influences range far and wide: Captain Beefheart, Queen Adreena, David Lynch, Nine Inch Nails, Cindy Sherman, The Cocteau Twins, Jan Švankmajer, Guillermo del Toro, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Peter Pan, Shel Silverstein, The Magic Band, David Bowie, Joanna Newsom, Ruby Throat, Velvet Underground, Quentin Tarantino, Venice, Spanish Cinema, Pedro Almodovar, Beck, Portishead, Burt Bacharach, Francis Bacon, The Pixies, Tom Waits, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, John Cooper Clarke, Leigh Bowery, William Burroughs, Nirvana, The Stooges, The Fall, Chuck Jones, Brian Eno…
“Exciting, sexy, sleazy, weird. Francis Bacon meets Derek Jarman and David Lynch at Cindy Sherman’s house” Independent Music Weekly Podcast
On release now the new single “Movers and Shakers”

“Darkest Horse” the new single from The Senton Bombs out 21/07/14 pre-order from iTunes now

The Senton Bombs Darkest Horse Holier Than Thou Records

Hard rock country styled anthem from The Senton Bombs critically acclaimed album ‘Chapter Zero’. The song represents a deviation from the band’s unique rock sound and has been unanimously praised by reviewers and music lovers far and wide.

“A country tinged sophisticated piece of work that will impregnate your mind & musical senses. A perfectly put together song with cultivated lyrics and a high standard of musicianship.”
TBFM Magazine

“Darkest Horse could quite easily have writing credits that read “Hudson/McKagan”. A storming straight up piece of classic hard rock.”
Uber Rock

“This is a momentous offering that moves the band into new wondrous realms. The song is everything a fine song should be – a solid session of wrap-around sound that reeks of excellence.”

“The Darkest Horse, so aptly named, is another superb track which proves this band ‘ain’t no one trick pony’ as they unleash their Darkest Horse upon our ears.”
Rock In The Blues

“This Cowboy rock monster is ****ing awesome, the first time I heard this I stopped breathing as it was interfering with the beauty and majesty of this, and I still do. Rock poetry divine.”
Studs & Punx

“Darkest Horse is such an aptly named track. It’s got a country sound to it from the vocals through to the music. Lyrically i really enjoyed this song.”

“This is one of the best tracks I have heard. I don’t mean ‘by this band’. Nor do I mean in ‘ the last few years’. I mean EVER. This is simply AWESOME. The vocals are sublime, the backing vocals perfect, the drumming of the finest quality, the guitar work is exquisite, particularly the acoustic sections which have such a Zepplinesque quality about them.”
Moose Man

“Darkest Horse – Country and Western meets Punk. ‘The House is Burning Down’ meets a ‘Ring of Fire’. Joey Class meets Johnny Cash!”
Planet Mosh

New Single “Freak In Me” by Hangmore out September 8th available for iTunes pre-order in August.

Hangmore metal band

From left to right Henrik Bergalm: Bass, Kenneth Burman: Guitar och vocals,
Sarbjit Singh: Drums, Joakim Kulo: Guitar

New Single “Freak In Me” out September 8th available for iTunes pre-order in August.

Hang More The Freak In MeHangmore is a rock band that arose out of the ashes of earlier bands of various genres in Stockholm, Sweden in 2009. Since the start, Hangmore has been in constant progress. They have previously released two EP’s and in May of 2013 they released their new 7-track album Apocalips on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon while building a small but loyal following by playing local clubs and venues.

It is by far their strongest material to date. This heavy sound combined with catchy melodies that stick in your head for days makes them an unstoppable band, ready to take on the world. In may 2013 Hangmore signed with Sliptrick Records and released the new album Apocalips, recorded in Hangmore Studios.

Two tracks from the first release were featured on the albums RIOT ON SUNSET VOL. 24 and ACOUSTIKA VOL. 24 released by 272 Records out of Hollywood, California. The main track from the second EP, Soaked in Bleach can be heard on Bandit Rock 106,3 FM, one of the biggest rock stations in Sweden. The new songs as well as production and mastering by Cutting Room give Apocalips more nerve, energy and a better sound than what we have heard from Hangmore in the past.

Shoot The Wendy Bird “Exciting, sexy, sleazy, weird. Francis Bacon meets Derek Jarman and David Lynch at Cindy Sherman’s house” Independent Music Weekly Podcast

Alt Rock duo. Officially launched Jan 2014. Las Vegas USA & Wakefield UK

Shoot The Wendy Bird Alt Electronic

On release now the new single “Movers and Shakers”


“Exciting, sexy, sleazy, weird. Francis Bacon meets Derek Jarman and David Lynch at Cindy Sherman’s house”
Independent Music Weekly Podcast

“I have to say, your music is awesome” David Lynch
“Yeah, she’s like a female Jeff (Buckley)”  Gary Lucas
“Sorry, this is awful… there’s no groove at all, it doesn’t rock” Sled Dawg
Online soon